Trouble at the (Steel) Mill

Immergleich Bleak Herald, 6 April 936 —

“…  Resentment among the factory workers is at an all-time high, particularly in South Steel where yesterday’s riot took place…

… Leah Tornes, the owner of several affected factories, said this morning “I’m not sure what the strikers are hoping to achieve. I mean, one of my assembly lines produces door and window hinges, cheaper than any old-fashion craftsperson could. Do the strikers not have doors and windows? Do they not want them?” ...

… Raoust Prul, a foreman in Burne’s Metalworks, expressed disquiet at the level of recent anger “It’s messed up, some of it, crazy, paranoid. Yeah, work here’s often shit, but people are talking about the machines being oiled with human fat, and about them being designed to ‘accidentally’ pull workers in. That kind of thing. And it’s not just the people you’d expect… I know some solid guys who’ve turned into ranting loons. Hell knows what’s happened to them.” 

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