Hitting Harder, Casting Faster

I’ve made some tweaks to the Immergleich rules.

Evening out the speed of combat

Despite considerable design efforts on my part [1], melee with comparably-strong opponents tends to take longer as PCs go up in level. High-end single monsters, in particular, take time to grind down. That’s tedious.

Complication — my previous previous changes have left high-end monsters already very vulnerable to big-hit special attacks (e.g. the Thief’s backstab ability, or the Magic Missile spell). So I can’t just further reduce their hp. I could reign those attacks in a bit, or I could increase PC damage more subtly. I have done the latter:

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Feedback on Feedback — Round 2

I ran a feedback survey last month (September 2017). By the time most responses arrived, we’d had 31 sessions in total. Here’s an anonymised analysis. For the free text questions, I’ve tried to identify themes that appear in at least two responses.


7 of them.

What’s one thing you like about the game? Ideally, the thing you like most, or the thing that makes it stand out most from other games you’ve played.

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HNN Laser Bulletin, Procyon sector, 2947:141


  • The 51st Legion have confirmed that the rumoured “blockade” of the Church of Stellar Flame’s cathedral ship in Iota was merely a large-scale military exercise. With the exercise completed, the ships involved have dispersed on to further, individual exercises throughout the sector.
  • House Malklaith have also conducted exercises this week, showing of a new anti-piracy task force composed of fast pursuit craft. House sources were tight-lipped in response to rumours about new engine technology, but one source commented “Now we can follow the pirates wherever they hide”.
  • Wildcat strikes and damage to machinery on Aleph, Warren, and the mining outpost SB-176 have led to the Guilds of Engineers, Counters and Starsmiths to make a joint plea to Governer Ritam Malklaith for “effective” anti-union legislation. In particular, they have asked for drastic action against the Cobalt Syndicate, which one guild source described as “little more than criminals”.