A player’s introduction to A Broken Candle

A Broken Candle combines rules similar to those of Immergleich with a setting not unlike Beyond the Forest — 14th century Britain with modernised norms and fantastical elements. The most powerful influences are medieval history, folk horror films, action-horror video games like Bloodborne, and OSR/Post-OSR/ArtPunk D&D. There will be of course be meat, and there will of course be liquids.

Ahead of the first test session this week, here are key documents for A Broken Candle:

I have also started a Pinterest board to set the tone.

StarCruiser — a roleplaying storygame of space adventure and panic fear

StarCruiser is an roleplaying game I developed between 2012 and 2014. I ran two stories with the game, each around seven sessions long. We had a good time, although there were lots of rough edges. The best and worst feature was probably the round-robin scene framing (an idea I got from Hot War) — it let players have major creative input, but made it very hard for the GM (or anyone else) to manage the pace.

As I don’t plan to do anything further with it, and it exists in a form that might be usable for others, I’ve decided to open-source it and put it online.

You can download it as a PDF, or as a Word .docx, or (via GitHub) in markdown format. The licence in all cases is the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (aka “CC-BY”).

The PDF and .docx are formatted for double-sided print, with new chapters starting on a facing pages, so there are some blank pages.

The markdown version is quite readable as raw text (including the tables), and isn’t obviously missing anything. Markdown renderers, however, (including pandoc’s to-pdf-via-latex option) generally mess up the tables.

Character sheets just an index card, Classic Traveller -style. There is session prep worksheet and a cluster sheet, both in Word format.