A player’s introduction to Immergleich

This is the blog post where I will keep the new player things for Immergleich. Old players may of course refer back to it. It may be useful for them. It may please them.

What kind of game is this?

It is a very particular kind of game:

  • There is a pool of active players, there are game sessions as and when (GM availability is probably the main constraint), and there is a city waiting to be explored.
  • There is no plot. The story is about some people who went to Immergleich (or were born there) and happened to things or had things happen to them.
  • By all means roleplay your character as you see them. But I’m not going to target your character’s stories by e.g. setting up events that challenge their beliefs — you’ll have to make your own stories using the world as you find it.
  • I won’t scale encounters to the party, and I won’t fudge die rolls to save you. You’ll need to learn about the city and its dangers, and make sound judgements.
    • NB there is no straightforward resurrection magic
  • I will, however, strive to make it possible to read situations, to learn the nature (and risk level) of different areas, and to know when you’re getting into real trouble.
  • I may fudge rules for speed of play, particularly near the end of a game session.
  • The campaign will run for as long as it does. There won’t likely be an explicit “end”. It will just stop, like an old light bulb on a windy night.

Also see:

What are the rules?

The rules are based on Lamentations of the Flame Princess. If you have a DriveThruRPG/RPGNow account, you can download the art-free rulebook.

That is just the start, unfortunately. The rules shift and change, I will not leave them alone, nor they me. They are destined to become something quite different. You can observe this metamorphosis in the following ways:

Is there anything else I might need to know or desire to know or end up knowing despite myself?

You might benefit from looking at some things with your eyes:

  • The current job list is kept online. Taking jobs from this list is an effective way to get money, suffer injuries, and make enemies
  • Read a brief traveller’s guide to the island of Szamitir on which Immergleich find itself.
  • The other articles in this blog are a mixture of rules changes (though all major ones should be in the latest house rules, otherwise I am the worst of all creatures), my highly valid thoughts about rpgs in general, and (most importantly to you) past news from Immergleich which may give you a feel for the city.




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