You can be a police

Did you know you can become a Watch Associate? Well, you can.


  • You have to pick a district to commit to. (Every district has a separate watch)
  • You have to pay a 50sp “recognition fee”.
  • You must be at least 3rd level, and have demonstrable combat skill. (They don’t need low-level bumblers — each district already has dozens of them)
  • You can’t previously have been a Watch Associate and been debadged


  • You get a watch symbol to wear on your chest
  • You’re no longer bound by the weapon and armour laws
  • Bonuses to influence the watch, as long as you have plausible grounds for something being a law-and-order matter
  • Can accumulate Favours with the watch for upholding the law, and trade them for watch assistance when perhaps you shouldn’t get it


  • Criminals and the underclass are less likely to trust you
  • If the watch (any watch) ask you for help, you have to do so – or lose a watch Favour
  • If you’re arrested for any crime, you lose two watch Favours
  • Hit -3 Favours and they’ll have that badge back


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