HNN Laser Bulletin, Procyon sector, 2947:141


  • The 51st Legion have confirmed that the rumoured “blockade” of the Church of Stellar Flame’s cathedral ship in Iota was merely a large-scale military exercise. With the exercise completed, the ships involved have dispersed on to further, individual exercises throughout the sector.
  • House Malklaith have also conducted exercises this week, showing of a new anti-piracy task force composed of fast pursuit craft. House sources were tight-lipped in response to rumours about new engine technology, but one source commented “Now we can follow the pirates wherever they hide”.
  • Wildcat strikes and damage to machinery on Aleph, Warren, and the mining outpost SB-176 have led to the Guilds of Engineers, Counters and Starsmiths to make a joint plea to Governer Ritam Malklaith for “effective” anti-union legislation. In particular, they have asked for drastic action against the Cobalt Syndicate, which one guild source described as “little more than criminals”.


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