Szamitir, a large island

From “The World, Shaped As It Is” by Quentiby Firlmortar, Immergleich School of Acidic Patterns

basic continent map v2

Szamitir is a large island, varied in climate and people. It is customarily divided into the several regions of greatly varying stability, prosperity and potential for the future.


This is the home of the fish-people. No-one should go here.

Catania, the Serene Republic of

Under the watchful eye of the Sorcerer-Queen and her Arbiters, Catania enjoys a blissful peace in a land of gentle rolling hills, bucolic villages, and pastel sunsets.  A model, perhaps, of what other nations could become.


Grost is frozen — much colder than it should be given its proximity to Szamitar proper. There are treasures in the ice, and few apparent dangers.


Of all the nations that have failed, Hasnar failed the hardest. The whole region burns with a silent fire.


A great city on a mountainside, but riddled with disorder, filthy with dirt, and bereft of proper leadership. Some say it will be the next state to fall into barbarism; some say it already has.


Another city state, where everyone has a (carefully calculated) value and the rule of its many laws is strong. An alternative to the Catanian model, perhaps. But will it scale?

Old Mevzer

There was a civilisation here, once, but it is worn almost to the ground. They say there are skeletons in grass, and that travellers always have vivid dreams.

Ortellar Wilds

The towns here have seen better days. There is no central leadership, little order. If you stay on the trade routes of the Immergleich-Menaris-Catania triangle, you may be safe. Otherwise you may be ambushed in the woods and valleys.


Yet another lost nation, this time high in mountains. They did well to last as long as they did. Now their survivors and successors are hunted from the sky.


An example of what Ortellar could be — a region of fortified towns in small alliances. They work together, motivated by their fear of the forests.


Forsaking civilisation and towns, Vuur takes another path. Survival of the fittest, consort with spirits, and very distinctive mating habits. Best avoided.

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