The Five Courts of Immergleich

The Court Physical


  • Concerns – matters of the body, and harm thereof.
  • Court dress – dull grey, no headgear
  • Trials by – physical contest (you can appoint a champion)

The Court Spiritual

Twelve Temples.

  • Concerns – Relating to the gods, their worship and appeasement.
  • Court dress – Judges wear pure white, with red detailing. Others same, but no detailing. Prosecution, defence, and their advocates etc wear sackcloth.
  • Trials by – Appeal to relevant gods.

The Court Pecuniary

Main Market.

  • Concerns – relating to money and contracts over matter
  • Court dress – fine furs, with gold jewellery (more at higher rank)
  • Trials by – argument, and weight of evidence

The Court Sartorial

Mount Pleasant

  • Concerns – clothing and dress
  • Court dress – a variety of subtly-varied versions of the general “judicial wear” theme, each tastefully exploring the possibilities of the form.
  • Trials by – jury, charged with assessing the aesthetics of the defendant and plaintiff’s attire. If no obvious plaintiff (e.g. it’s “the People versus…”) then the court will appoint a Sartorial Champion.

The Oblique Court


  • Concerns – anything that the other courts cannot or will not handle.
  • Court dress – everyone is naked – witnesses, gallery, all.
  • Trials by – divination (tealeaves, entrails, animal behaviour, haruspicy…), assisted by psychoactive fumes and much ceremony.

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