Some random noble houses

Here are some ideas for noble houses, mostly ones that were too weird, or not weird enough, for my city of Immergleich:

  1. Literally think they’re animals
  2. All look the same. Different ages, different sizes, different sexes, but same faces and same basic shape.
  3. Represented by porcelain golems with exaggerated features. Nobody knows what the real nobles look like.
  4. Have given up on their line, as they cannot breed (or never have live births). They have made tombs for themselves, and live in them.
  5. Are not human and cannot be seen.
  6. All blind – use another sense as a replacement.
  7. Tend bizarre sea creatures – tanks are in every room. The sea creatures are mostly running the show, controlling the human through hormones and drugs they secrete into the water.
  8. Degenerate and ageing out – still powerful, but they have to share hearts, eyes, teeth etc as there are not enough to go around.



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