Shop til you pop

Immergleich Bleak Herald (dawn edition), 9 March 936

“… one reason for these higher prices is a shortage of metals. Aggressive raids by Vuur is the line coming from High Towers, but word on the ground is that the miners in The Crease dug too deep and woke things best left sleeping. …”

There is a new Immergleich price list and a version of the LotFP price list with the price-changed items blacked out. Some lower-end items, especially weapons and armour, are now somewhat more expensive. On the plus side, there are many fun new things to spend money on.

“… this claw-scarred veteran notes that many would-be adventurers underestimate the advantage that better equipment could give them. Of course, he observes, the best items are hard to come by, and indeed often illegal. “But when did that ever stop anyone?”, he chuckles … “

Note that items marked as Rare or Very Rare on the new price list require specific in game action, or a whole downtime action, in order to buy or sell. And prices are less stable than for Common items.

” … but she doesn’t buy it — “the one thing I’ve found in life is that you can never know when you’re about to make a breakthrough. You can think “This is a plateau. This is as good as I’m going to get”. And you can start to get dispondent — “maybe 12 is just my physical limit”. But if you keep pushing anyway, you might go to train one day and find you’re eating 15, maybe 18 pies in a hour.”” … “

If you look at the latest house rules, you’ll see that I’ve rejigged the xp table some. Generally, progression is faster. I’ve also made explicit that level 6 is top of the ladder – progression beyond is possible, but xp won’t do it. I’m also planning to offer a retirement option that gives some benefit to the player’s future characters.

You may also notice that Thieves have been moved to the regular xp track, leaving you all wonderfully unified. I have some ideas for compensation which Thief players can try out next session.

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