News in Immergleich around 25 March 936

In the Walled City Gazette

“Traum Baues, always a strange and controversial figure, has made a final addition to his mystery by being found dead yesterday morning at his home in Rock End. The Rock End Collective have refused press access to the body, but an inside source say Baues was “all wrinkled up, like a paper bag”, and an alleged eyewitness spoke loudly of a “great flying shape, like a bat that’s been run over by a cart” before throwing herself into Corpse Flow.

Baues, whom rumour suggests told fortunes by inserting living beetles into living entrails, had been living in Rock End since he was forced by …”

(job J12 is no longer available)

In the Bleak Herald —

“… the removal of this longstanding job advert was done without fanfare, but it was not lost on observers that it constitutes a significant admission of defeat. After all, as the major grain merchant Chancia Freels said yesterday “Seeing the Grain Authority effectively cede its sub-basement to the Rat Cult is rather like seeing a cat surrender to a mouse. What hold do the Rat Cult have over them? And should I take my grain somewhere else?” “

(job J11 is no longer available)

And in the Panick


A medium-sized EXPLOSION last night shook the HOUSE VERDUN estate. Two stable boys and a bricklayer were KILLED, and a large wooden block hit Petunia Verdun in the BREASTS. Experts on house politics say they really don’t know who was behind it, but it’s possible that IT WAS THE NOTORIOUS DR BOOM-BOOM. It is not clear what he wants, or IF EVEN IF HE WANTS ANYTHING AT ALL, and even though he’s was probably paid to do it by another noble house, it could be YOUR HOME next.”

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