D30 reasons someone is dead

Want to explain a missing family member? Want to put a backstory to a grave? Want to be a dick and stop the players talking to that crucial NPC? I am the OSR, roll d30:

  1. Fell through a rotten floor into a nest of vermin
  2. Thrown from their horse when it was spooked by a ghost
  3. Skin sloughed off and blew away on the wind
  4. Became maudlin, stopped eating
  5. Hung themself out of spite
  6. Limbs turned into snakes and slithered off
  7. Challenged someone to a duel, killed them, killed in turn by a sibling
  8. Cursed by a boggart, dried out, shrivelled up
  9. Got an infection, swelled up, burst
  10. Took patent medicine for a headache
  11. Took to bed, raved prophecy for three days, expired
  12. An excess of laudanum administered for joint pain
  13. Ran wild with joy, fell in a pit
  14. Hit by an arrow meant for a cheating spouse
  15. Cheated on their spouse
  16. Ate very old beans
  17. Key parts wore out
  18. Bones ran away from them
  19. Years of hard living
  20. Years of loose living
  21. Picked a fight with a bear
  22. Jumped in to save another
  23. Something came at them out of the dark
  24. A long suffering neighbour put them out of his misery
  25. With each passing year, another ailment
  26. Was careless with tools
  27. Was barely noticed amid the many that winter
  28. Slowed to a halt over many years
  29. They shrank as their spouse grew
  30. No reasonable explanation, but here they are

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