A Commoner Class for Immergleich

LotFP/the Immergleich system is class-and-level. But the only LotFP classes are oriented towards combat and adventuring. What about the many characters who aren’t about that? Most NPCs are in that category, and we’ve established a somewhat porous boundary between “PC” and “very friendly NPC of modest stature”.

This is salient in Immergleich as we’ve used Mestival Dihafeland as a PC, and she clearly is not of an adventuring class. We ran her as zero-level, which is ok, but doesn’t allow for any progression.

Commoner class

Design goals

I want a class that

  • Lets Mestival (and characters like her) retain her established character and traits and abilities
  • Can be used for many NPCs and a few occasional-use PCs
  • Provides (or at least points at) a baseline model for levelled characters who aren’t a major combatant class
  • Is less adventuring-effective than most, but isn’t useless there

Basic features

  • Hit die is d4, with min roll of 3 at first level and 2 at later levels. And an +2 hp at first level.
  • Flat +1 attack
  • Choose two saving throws to be good at

Special abilities

Professional Experience — choose one of:

  • Two Backgrounds and claim bonuses for both
  • Take one Background twice

Either way, when both their backgrounds apply to a d20 check, they get double skill bonus.

Skilled worker — double the benefit of any downtime activity

Superstitions — 1 in 6 chance (vs normal NPC 1 in 10) of having a useful fortune-telling method they can use once per day. Player picks what stat it uses.

Untapped Potential — can become another class later:

  • On any level progression, if they’ve been acting like another class, they can take a level as “Apprentice <classname>”. Their changes for that level are then based on that class’s 1st level abilities.
  • At the next level, they can either swap back to commoner/civilian, or convert completely to the new class
    • Their new level is based on xp, not current level.
    • Recalculate everything that needs recalc
      • For rolled things like hp, they can chose to keep old total

Other special abilities I’m considering

These are lifted from http://dailyosr.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/revised-commoner-class.html:

  • Extra “common sense”/”blissful ignorance” bonus on saves vs magical mental effects esp illusions (probably +2)
  • Bonus to hide in a crowd or otherwise not be recognised (because they look and act very ordinary), enhanced further if no visible armour or weapons.

(Edit later on 23 April — moved to d4 hit die, added bonus hp at first level, to emphasise their poor combat effectiveness without making them even more vulnerable at first level)

(Edit on 14 June — removed reference to Thief progression as that’s no longer a thing. May upgrade Commoner abilities at some point to compensate for loss of this benefit.)

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