There is No Evil

The spells Detect Evil and Protection from Evil don’t make sense in Immergleich. There’s no essential evil, and no alignment. I have therefore reworked them in a way that does make sense:

Know Humanity

  • Cleric level 1
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Range: Line of sight

The caster discovers the general type of any creatures or intelligences within their line of sight, according the following classes:

  • Human
  • Near-human (e.g. crossbreeds of humans with other species, humans with significant chimeric modification)
  • Nonhuman (e.g. other species, synthetic intelligences, undead) (NB the spell makes these apparent by not detecting them at all, so if they are not obviously “alive” the caster will get no clue that they are)
  • Alien (things not stable in the material world e.g. godforms, demons)

Protection from Nonhumans

  • Cleric level 1
  • Duration: 1 Round/level
  • Range: Touch

The target gains a resistance to any creature that Know Humanity would class as “Nonhuman” or “Alien”.

Such creatures take –(caster level) to hit the target, and the target gets +(caster level) to save (where allowed) against any effect they cause. Additionally, the target gets a save against any Magic-User spells cast by such creatures even when the spell does not normally grant a save (success means half effect if that has an obvious interpretation, otherwise no effect).

Protection from Nonhumans , 10’ Radius

  • Cleric level 4
  • Duration: 1 Round/level
  • Range: 0

As Protection from Nonhumans, but effects all humans and near-humans in a 10’ radius about the caster.

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