And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death

Immergleich Bleak Herald (late edition), 10 Jan 936

“Leramore Verdun is tonight in chains beneath the House Verdun towers, chief suspect in the murder and mutilation of his brother Garamore on or about the 7th of January. Circumstances of the murder are unclear, but it was common knowledge that the two brothers had been at each others throats through swords, spears and art magic since the turn of the year.

What we do know was that Garamore was found decapitated and emasculated in front of a stunning fresh canvas entitled  “The Goddess in her Glory”. The canvas, sadly, will forever remain unfinished. The symbols and patterns implied by swift brush strokes on the great arching ceiling will be studied and imitated by artists for generations, but Garamore was clearly killed before he painted the “goddess” herself, who is nowhere to be seen.

Sources close to Leramore say he maintains his innocence, and that despite their differences he always loved his brother. Sources formerly close to Garamore say that Leramore is an asshole and that hanging is too good for him.

The house is now lead by Synaesthesia Verdun, Leramore’s niece. This has suprised keen observers of house politics, as Synaesthesia was was previously eighth in line after Leramore’s and Garamore’s wives and adult children. When publicly questioned  on this matter, Synaesthesia expressed regret that their current location and disposition were unknown.”

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