#Dungeon23 week 9 — Weaselpipe

Standard request to anyone who plays in my games, or who might play in my games — please don’t read this. It’s not right for you.

Moving on to a third district now. This is one I had only a vague image of, and the end result has been — patchy, but with some points of interest. Certainly there’s more going this district now than there was when I started, so that’s good. It’s by no means finished, indeed it’s barely helpful to adlib from, but it’s a lot better than a blank page.

I’m going to play around with how I expand this over the next three weeks… I’m not sure there are three locations here that need 7 sub-locations really. But I’ll probably try.

Should I run more Lunacantium in future, or even publish it, Weaselpipe might feature. And it might look something like this. Or only one of those, or neither.

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